Gratitude – Hypnotherapy audio track

A guided hypnosis audio to inspire confidence and fill you with gratitude for the life you have.


How it works:

1 – Download the audio track to your chosen device and storage platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

2 – The audio will give you positive suggestions to help you relax and tap into everything you have achieved in life so far.


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How my hypnotherapy audio tracks work

Hypnotherapy put simply is a way of helping you to slow down and fully relax. They provide a natural remedy for anxiety by helping the brain to release stress, worry and mention. 

Once we are deeply relaxed we can harness the imagination to focus the mind on what we want to achieve.

When we imagine something that we want, we create a kind of mental rehearsal. Because our brains do not know the difference between imagination and reality we then create positive brain chemistry to match this state.

It then becomes easier to feel – for example, ‘confidence’ in real life, because our minds have practised it and released the brain chemistry to make us feel good.

My hypnotherapy audio tracks are full of positive language and calming imagery. Listening to hypnotherapy is like taking a vitamin supplement for your mindset. The words and images give you a boost of the brain chemistry you need.

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Our Story

  • Shop: Worry Free Mindset Tools
  • Owner: Josie Brocksom
  • Our Story:

    Thank you for taking a look around my page. I'm Josie, anxiety specialist coach and hypnotherapist. 

    I have carefully designed these products to help treat anxiety, stress and worry. 

    Having worked online as a coach and therapist for 6 years, I wanted to create some tools that could be easily accessed from home and used anytime. 

    All of my hypnotherapy tracks are filled to the brim with positive affirmations and beautiful imagery. All you need to do is let the words drift over you. I can even write you a personalised track, specific to your needs. 

    I hope you enjoy listening to my words as much as I enjoyed writing them. 


    With Love 

    Josie xx


  • Ships From: Worry Free Hypnotherapy Practice
    Brook St , Fovant
    SP3 5JB
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Gratitude – Hypnotherapy audio track
Gratitude – Hypnotherapy audio track


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