Kindness Rocks Kids Pullover Hoodie Navy
Kindness ROCKS Kids Pullover Hoodie Light Heather Grey Kindness Rocks Kids Pullover Hoodie Navy Kindness ROCKS Kids Pullover Hoodie Light Heather Grey Girl Model

Kindness ROCKS Kids Pullover Hoodie


Kind Kids totally ROCK! This fun, colourful jumper is ethically and sustainably made from super soft 100% certified organic cotton in a renewable energy factory in the UK. What’s best? It’s Circular, so you can send it back to us once outworn or outgrown, and we will turn it into new products to keep it out of landfill! How is that for looking cool and being kind to Earth at the same time? High Five!

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All our products are ethically and sustainably made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in a renewable energy factory in the UK, with worldwide shipping options available.  What’s best?  Our products are Circular, which means you can send it back to us once outworn or outgrown, and we will turn it into new products to keep it out of landfill!  Yaaaaay!

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Our Story

  • Shop: Tee Amo Kindness Clothing
  • Owner: Yolanda Goncalves
  • Our Story:

    Starting a clothing brand promoting love, kindness and positivity in a sustainable Earth-friendly way has been on my mind for the best of three years now.  With the outbreak of Covid-19 and unable to continue my usual business as a children's photographer during Lockdown, I finally decided to use the time given to start-up this little dream.  The idea of Tee Amo came from the lack of being able to source happy, positive designs not only for adults, but also for children, whilst also trying to be kind to Mother Earth.  I've also always loved dabbing into the world of digital designing, but I didn't just want to start printing my designs onto clothing which would end up in landfill, as with most fast fashion.  Nope.  I wanted something that would be kind to our planet too.  That is when I discovered my amazingly wonderful, sustainable manufacturer.  Oh, the joy in my heart when I found a supplier who is totally sustainable!   (More about them a bit further on)

    Naturally, being at home all day due to the pandemic, my 8yr old son (aka my business partner) wanted in on promoting to other kids that love and kindness is cool!  So we shook on becoming partners, and he is now in charge of inspiring new kid-friendly ideas, co-designing and approving all designs in our Kids Clothing Division dubbed Kool2BKind.  Profits from every sale from the kids division will go towards his and his little sister's savings, music & performing arts lessons and any other aspirations they may have.  So thank you for helping them realise their dreams too.  :)

    The name TEE AMO was inspired by taking the first part from my son's name 'Ti' (Tiago) and combining it with part of my daughter's middle name 'Amo' (Amor), to form the latin word Ti Amo (Italian) or even 'Te Amo' (Spanish) which means 'I love you'.  Due to the nature of our business being mainly T-shirts, 'Ti' then became 'TEE'.  Basically we want to show and spread love to all living things, other humans and our beautiful planet Earth, so this name just seemed fitting in every way... and Boom!  Tee Amo Kindness Clothing UK was born.

    Finally, let me tell you more about our amazing products and supplier.  We offer superb quality sustainable T-shirts, vest tops, jumpers, hoodies and even tote bags with positive, kind, inspirational and motivational designs for Men, Women and Kids.  We are also very passionate about helping Mother Earth by raising awareness about environmental issues and endangered wildlife.  We are also big on nature and camping as a family as we find it to be the best therapy for mind and soul, so you will find some really rad camping tees in our shop too!  All in all, our clothing aim to make you feel good, to make you feel happy and to make you (or those you bump into) smile :)  Our sustainable supplier make products from natural materials, using renewable energy, and every product they make is designed to go back to them when it's worn out, where they then create new products from the material they recover, keeping it out of landfill. This is called Circular fashion, and we believe it is the way forward for clothing if we want to be the change to help our planet.  If we all start by wearing sustainably, we CAN make a difference, and hopefully one day 'fast fashion' will become less and less popular and eventually a thing of the past.  It really is a no-brainer then as to why we chose our eco-friendly manufacturer, Teemill, for our clothing!

    We also have THREE fantastic and exciting initiatives to help our planet and give back to Nature, which we are very proud of - you can read more about it in our 'side note' at the very bottom of this page.

    And YES, plastic-free packaging comes as standard on every order!

    We hope that you will also fall in love with our designs and products as we love creating them! Please do come back often as we keep adding new ones :)

    Thank you for shopping kind, for shopping sustainable and for supporting our little Mother-and-son duo business.  Keep kind, keep smiling.





    We have not only one, but THREE great initiatives for fellow Eco Warriors to help us give back to Mother Nature.  These all run over planned weekends througout the year.

    Buy One Get One Tree weekends where every order will plant a tree to help rewild our planet and fight deforestation in areas most needed (thanks to Tree Nation),

    One Tee One KG weekends where every order will fund the recovery and recycling of 1kg of ocean-bound rubbish before it enters the ocean (via our friends over at Plastic Bank)

    Buy One Get One Bee weekends where every order will fund the planting of at least 1square metre of wildflower habitat for the UK's bumblebees (together with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust).

    Also keep an eye out for our FREEPOST weekends where all UK orders will ship for free.  Often times during these weekends we will also plant even more trees via our Tree App as an addition to our regular tree planting weekends with Tree Nation.

    Our products are organic, vegan, ethical, eco friendly, sustainable and circular* (*which means it's designed to be recycled into new products, again and again, keeping it out of landfill). We promote love and kindness with positive, kind, inspirational and motivational designs, as well as raising awareness about environmental issues like plastic pollution, deforestation due to the unsustainable palm oil industry as well as helping our bees and endangered animals. All whilst priding ourselves on vegan, eco-friendly, plastic free, vegan-friendly products printed in a renewable energy factory using only eco friendly dyes.  We are here to help you look good whilst doing good.  For Earth's Sake.


  • Ships From: Hampshire
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Kindness ROCKS Kids Pullover Hoodie
Kindness ROCKS Kids Pullover Hoodie


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