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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen over the past 12 months and was extremely impressed by her professionalism, dedication and expertise in web and mobile design. During the project we set out our objectives and discussed multiple themes and options available before agreeing on how we would like to move forward. Karen took full responsibility of the design and our users experience, detailing her decisions every step of the way. All of our user interface elements and experiences such as navigation, layouts and graphic designs were improved based on Karen’s suggestions and experiences, massively exceeding our expectations for what we could achieve. Combine all of this with fantastic troubleshooting and development strategies around user testing and scalability for our business and you have not only someone who we would be extremely keen to work with again on future projects but we’ve also made a great friend and are glad we’ve met a fantastic person.

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Karen’s one of those people (increasingly rare) that really bring a bit of sunshine to brighten up the day – an immensely positive attitude, a real desire to do the right thing and a balanced approach that made her an extremely competent Business Analyst, thorough process knowledge and a non-confrontational approach with the business that helped to bring about lasting, effective change… a real (bright) star.

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Karen is the most inspirational business woman I have ever met. In fact, even before we met, I was telling people how much I looked up to her and how I was in awe of her for what she created.

In setting up Conscious Crafties she gave a purpose and a future worth fighting for, to so many women! The website Karen developed gave hope to so many people who could easily have given up if it wasn’t for her ingenious idea.

Karen’s never-ending dedication to supporting the Crafties is unparalleled. She encourages, guides and mentors them from humble beginnings to ‘happy dances’ when the sales start coming in. This not only gives these small business owners an opportunity to be wildly successful but to create an income and forge a new life for themselves in challenging circumstances.

She’s been kind enough to support me with SEO and is often my first port of call when I’m taking new products to market, such is the high value I place on her advice.

I know without a doubt that Karen will be hugely successful in any venture. Not just because of her immense skill and talent, but due to her warm heart and genuine desire to help others to succeed.

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