We support kind businesses who share values like:

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly

Eco friendly, recycled, compostable, biodegradable, plastic free, carbon reduced, energy efficient, zero waste or sustainable

Cruelty Free

Animal Welfare

Free from animal cruelty throughout the development and manufacturing process or supports animal welfare

Ethical or Fair Trade

Ethical & Fair

Ethically sourced or Fair Trade standards throughout the manufacturing process ensuring workers rights are looked after


Reduce Poverty

Enabling the poor or homeless to create wealth for themselves as a means of ending poverty forever

Giving Back

Giving Back

Helping those in need via voluntary time, pay it forward or buy one gift one campaigns
(rather than just charity donations)
Kindness & Compassion


Sharing compassion and acts of kindness to bring joy to others and make the world a better place by spreading ripple of kindness



Engaging in community projects to create a sense of belonging and lasting change for those involved

Diversity and Minority Groups


Protecting those at most risk of prejudice and discrimination due to ethnic minority, race, sex, gender or disability

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Mental Health

Supporting those who experience mental health difficulties. Helping to prevent suicide or introducing mindfulness practices

Hello KINDpreneurs!

I'm Karen Thomas

Founder of KINDpreneurs™

“Before setting up KINDpreneurs, I had my first ‘KINDpreneur’ adventure creating Conscious Crafties, a very successful marketplace supporting disabled entrepreneurs. Like many social entrepreneurs we work tirelessly to help others, giving little thought to ourselves. I found there was very little support for heart-centred entrepreneurs using their business as a force for good. So along came KINDpreneurs, here to showcase purposeful kind businesses and the unsung entrepreneurs behind the brand. Helping you connect to conscious shoppers to grow your mission focussed business. Alongside your online shop, we also have an awesome community of like minded fellow KINDpreneurs so you can connect, collaborate and build lasting friendships. You will also gain access to our awesome masterclasses, helping you make an impact in the world, all tailored with your kind businesses in mind.”

Kindpreneurs Story Karen Thomas

What's a Kindpreneur?™

A person or team using their business to make our world a better place. They’re focused on doing meaningful work that matters and have a genuine concern for others or the planet. They are being seen as the new thought leaders and solution providers in the quest to put our world on a better course.

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